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This is where you'll find some of the things I'm trying to accomplish... a little of this and that. Paintings, photography, collage and sewing...every artful endeavor helps me keep my sanity in this mixed up world.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


It started in high school, this looking down at my feet thing. It was all those scary boys that lined up along the lockers... what was that about? I felt like I was running the gauntlet passing by those guys, half expecting them to hold up a series of cards numbered 1-10. Sends chills up my spine to this day, 30 some years later. But I digress. Looking down at my feet last fall paid off big time in leaf pictures. I started looking for shallow puddles of water where spontaneous compositions had gathered. When I paint this, I think it will be a mixed media piece with acrylic treated like watercolor and an oil bar layer for the reflections.

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