Welcome to my art blog.

This is where you'll find some of the things I'm trying to accomplish... a little of this and that. Paintings, photography, collage and sewing...every artful endeavor helps me keep my sanity in this mixed up world.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Memorial Day.  A time to remember those who have gone before us, remembering those who have made our freedom something we can take for granted, but shouldn't.    A huge thank you to all those who have served our Country in so many ways. 

Trying to wrangle acrylics.   Here's a little 5" x 7" impressionistic warm up I've just completed.  To see it up close, you could visit my booth at the Saturday Bellingham Farmer's Market.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Poor Neglected Blog

How hard could it be, blogging on a regular basis?  Lots of people do it.  I'm really going to try harder.    One thing that is still constant is my love of all things creative.  I've been dabbling in oil paint on canvas, but I'm rethinking that.  It's just not immediate enough for my short attention span.  A week waiting for paint to dry is so....like I'm on to something else.  I did do this little dress for practice.   I'm liking the texture, which can't really be appreciated in this image.  I have such high respect for those artists who can get a photographic likeness with oil paint; however, it's back to the acrylics for me.