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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Goodbye Ruby Tuesday"

"...You never did say where you came from." Rolling Stones

Nearly six years ago, you appeared out of nowhere, seemingly abandoned in an old junk car that showed up the same night. You howled like a coyote ... a cry I never heard you utter after that first lonely night. You scared me! I thought you were a coyote in the dark outside my French doors, but then I saw you wagging your short little tail and I knew a coyote wouldn't do that. I gave you food and left you outside to "stray" somewhere else. But you were no stray. You were somebody's good dog. You just needed a new family to love you....and so we did.

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Carol C said...

That's a touching story! Our lives are so much better because of the Ruby Tuesdays that let us love them.