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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Three Boats at Rest

One of my favorite pastimes has been to wander down the rows of boats at our local marina with my antique Minolta film camera poised and ready, hoping to spot yet another magical nautical composition, usually a small dingy with oars. If the light is bright, I can get great shadows. If the light is overcast, I'll have to make up my own shadows, but can capture great detail. With the weather such as it is in the Pacific Northwest, by the time I come back to my subject in the opposite direction, the light will very likely be the opposite of what I recorded initially. Cool! The image above is from a series of dinghies I have recently completed, done in acrylic on hardboard (Masonite) and framed in a black metal floating frame. This one measures 10" x 10". It is not currently for sale, but will be displayed in June for our Bellingham downtown gallery walk. Stay tuned for a preview of the remainder of the series.

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