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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Still Tweeking - Take 2

Day 3 of my blog experience. I'm still figuring out all the "bells and whistles" on this new toy. If I seem to have repeated myself from my previous blog post, it's because I've re-entered my day 2 post and will try to delete the first one... wish me luck.

This image is from a new series of pastel paintings I'm venturing into. Because I'm so deeply entrenched in the painting-with-a-brush process, I've started these paintings with an acrylic underpainting of wild and crazy colors on illustration board. I've layered pastel ground over the acrylic underpainting and topped with the pastel. I've also applied a liberal coat of workable fixative, which seems to intensify the colors. Stay tuned. If you do something long enough (that includes blogging), you're bound to get better at it.

Giclee prints on canvas are available for this print measuring 15.25" x 15.75 " or smaller. Please contact me for pricing information.

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