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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Anyone who has known me for very long will suspect it...a tendency toward AAD...Artistic Attention Deficit.  I have a hundred different ways I would like to try to make art and all the supplies to prove it.  Some ideas are way too involved and common sense tells me I'd lose interest before I got the first piece finished.  The learning curve has to be pretty short and the process fairly direct.  Some are more toxic than I want to expose myself to for any length of time, should I actually stick with the technique.  This horse is a collagraph I worked on in 2013.  The plate is made with a collage of cardboard shapes and covered in aluminum foil.  From there, a brayer is used to ink the plate with water-based printing ink.  The drawbacks are the fact that I have to go to another artist's studio to use the fabulous printing press (with the associated chance that I might be sidetracked along the way) and the messy process and clean up.

Other printing processes that I'm mulling over in my artistic mind are mono printing with open acrylics on plexi-glass plates on watercolor paper or trying out the  Gelli Arts  synthetic gelatin-like plate I bought awhile back to make mono prints.  If they turn out, I will be sure to post the results. 


Melanie Blatman said...

Okay, now I feel lazy. You always inspire me (I say as I sit on the sofa about to pick up my book to read). I love the idea of printmaking, but have never gone much past linoleum block prints. Thank you for sharing, dear friend.

LDahl said...

Books on tape. That way you can do two things at once. Thank you for the comment. Looking forward to seeing you soon.