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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fate of the Forest

For most of my years, I have lived on family acreage backed by a stand of enormously tall evergreens.   Ravens, crows, eagles, and numerous smaller varieties of birds make their homes in those trees.  Deer, coyotes and rabbits make their homes among those trees.  I have the privilege of observing all of them from my kitchen window.  Those trees have just always been there and I can't imagine....I don't want to imagine.... the scenery out my back door any other way.  When I read the call for artists to submit artwork illustrative of the forest, my mind immediately went to work.  This is the painting that emerged.  Over 200 works of art have been received for the "Fate of the Forest" exhibit at the Whatcom Museum Lightcatcher and Old City Hall, June 17.  I don't want to miss it.


melanie said...

Oh, the woods. The fun we had exploring. That forest was truly our adventureland. It warms my heart that you still look out on some of the trees that we sat under and talked about our dreams (by the way... what happened to those dreams??? This is not the life I was expecting...)

LDahl said...

Sometimes I try to get my bearings on the property. It's not easy. I think the "woods" were in the middle of my driveway. Not so scary now.