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Friday, September 24, 2010

Art-Startz Becomes a Reality

Tomorrow night, 5 brave friends and I will gather to explore some creative possibilities that I'm calling Art-Startz. At the urging of a couple of close friends, I have been imagining a way to coax others along the path of creativity. Believing that art has to be lived and cannot be taught, I see myself as a tour guide rather than a teacher. My own creative journey has been through years of self-experimentation, books and workshops. I would have been helped greatly by having a tour guide along my creative path, a path I nearly abandoned out of frustration. I'm very excited to see what grows from this special night.


melanie said...

So, I'm dying to hear how your art event went? And why wasn't I invited??? It sounds like great fun. What did you do? Did you take pics? Can we see? Please... anything... I need some inspiration!

LDahl said...

Art-Startz was a huge success! Everyone completed an amazing painting utilizing a graded watercolor wash. I'll post pictures when I get them. I'm hoping to conduct the next session sometime in October, perhaps a Saturday morning.