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Friday, September 11, 2009

Indian Summer

Ah -- Another Indian summer in the Pacific Northwest. At least that is what it is today. With one more Saturday (for me) at the summer farmer's market, my mind turns to more creative endeavors. I'm anxious to get back to the drawing board (if I can find it under all the flotsam that has accumulated in the past 4 months) and work through the reference photos I've been gathering. My plan is to explore a particular composition from a number of different angles/mediums, beginning with a wild blind contour drawing and maybe ending up with something more realistic....maybe not. I'm really hoping to discover something new...something exciting to carry me emotionally through a soggy fall and winter. I can go a long time on a good artsy tangent.


melanie said...

I love it. The colors are wonderful and the composition feels good. I am soooooooo glad you have something to pick up your spirits during the soggy foggy autumn. Remember waiting for the bus at the end of our driveways on crisp autumn mornings? the fog hiding the bus until it erupts into view around the corner? I have such wonderful memories of waiting for the bus. (I enev seem to recall the very vague aroma of skunk blessing the air.) Happy thoughts to you, dear friend!

LDahl said...

I'm glad you have those good memories. I, on the other hand, was scared to death those tall fir trees where going to blow over and crush me as I walked up that long driveway. The eternal optimist, even at such a tender age :-)

melanie said...

You were afraid of the trees? Seriously? About your driveway, I still harbor great resentment toward it for ripping my big toenail off in an unfortunate cycling accident going down the hill. Lesson learned: Never ride a bike in flip flops.

LDahl said...

Sage wisdom. I can't look at a flip-flopped cyclist without cringing like it was my own toe that got topped :-). Yes, I really was terrified of those trees.